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What is a payday lender?

A payday lender is a company that specialises in payday loans. Most of these companies operate online, providing an application form for the customer to fill in. The application and approval process of payday lenders is not complicated and the borrower usually receives a decision within minutes.

What is a payday loan?

Payday lenders offer customers a short-term loan, which is also known as an unsecured loan, cash advance or a payday loan. Payday lenders offer these as a temporary advance of money, to help meet their customers' short-term financial needs.

Loan amounts

Payday loans are offered by payday lenders to cover a borrower's expenses until his or her next payday. 
They are typically available for amounts up to £1000 and are given for the period between the day the loan is required until the customer's next payday.

Who to choose?

With so many online payday lenders available today, picking one can be a long and confusing process. That's why here at PaydayUK we make sure our website is as clear as possible, so you know exactly where you stand. It's really easy to apply for a payday loan from PaydayUK payday lender. You simply need to fill in our fast online application form and within a minute we will tell you if you have been approved for a loan from £100 to £1000 and inform you of any charges. The money is then transferred into your bank account within the hour. The payday loan you will receive is then available for you to use how you wish, and you don't need to repay your payday loan until your next payday.

Crystal clear

We want to make sure your experience with PaydayUK is a good one, which is why we don't let you get trapped into a net of long-term debt. And we want to be totally honest with you. Unlike other payday lenders, we charge no arrangement fee to set up your payday loan, we simply charge a price promise of £29.95 per £100 you borrow, so you always know what you owe. When you apply for your payday loan we'll run a quick credit check on you, because we are responsible lenders and we like to make sure that you can repay the loan when payday comes.

Why PaydayUK?

Perhaps your car is broken or you have just realised that the MOT has run out? You need your car to work but can't afford to take it to the garage and you can't wait until payday? Or it may be it's coming towards the end of the month, you have unexpected bills and expenses due to come out of your bank account before your next payday but your wages are all spent? If you're looking for a solution to problems similar to these, then a payday lender like PaydayUK could be your answer.

A payday loan from PaydayUK payday lender:

  • Hassle-free
  • Fuss-free
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • No upfront fees
  • Up to £1000
  • Hourly deposits†
  • Can help build your credit rating
  • You can apply online or by telephone - you decide!

If a payday loan is ticking all your boxes then use our easy online application form and apply now for a loan from PaydayUK - the leading UK online payday lender! Alternatively you can call a member of our team on 0800 280 25002, who will be more than happy to complete your application for you.

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Understanding Our Charges

Understanding our loan charges

We charge £29.95 per £100 borrowed for new payday loans. Learn more about our charges. Unpaid loans may attract a default fee and additional interest

Our charges explained

What Our Customers Say

What our customers say...

'9/10 existing customers think PaydayUK payday loans are a convenient way to obtain cash quickly.'

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No Hidden Charges

PaydayUK have no hidden charges

We charge £29.95 per £100 borrowed and have no hidden up front charges.


Managing your money

Managing your money

PaydayUK provides access to information to help you manage your money more effectively.

Let us explain in full

[†] Deposit times run hourly from 0900-1700 and again at 2100. Weekends run at 1700. All loans subject to affordability checks and our not needing to request additional documentation from you.

[3] Unpaid loans may attract a default fee and additional interest.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to money advice

Representative Example: ³£275 borrowed for 28 days. Annual interest rate of 359.40% (fixed). Total amount repayable by one repayment is £357.36. 3361% APR Representative.

Existing customers

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Short term loans should only be used for short term financial needs and are not appropriate for longer term borrowing or if you're in financial difficulty


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