Managing your money

It can be very difficult to manage your money when emergencies happen. If you are unsure where to turn, see our guide below.

There are times when we could all do with a little help managing our money. Whether it’s unexpected expenses, a reduction in income or you’re simply struggling to meet all your commitments each month.

The information below can guide you to all the help you need. Some are tools designed to help you create and manage your monthly budget, while others provide support and advice for those who are beyond this point.

How to find the help you need

National Debtline is one of the biggest providers of free advice and tools in the UK. They are a charity that’s authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), and the consultation is always free. According to their website, over 8 million people in the UK experience financial difficulty. Their website provides lots of useful information, such as how long a creditor can take to recover a debt and letter templates for those trying to recover from a bad situation. They also provide a useful budgeting tool.

Building a monthly budget can be a big help. It lets you know exactly where you stand and can pinpoint problems you may be having. The Money Charity provides this resource. It gives a clear picture of your income and expenditure in a user-friendly way. You can save the information and return as often as you like.

The charity that provides the Budget Builder above also offers some great advice and resources designed to educate and create a more positive attitude towards money. They offer users tools and training.

There are lots of organisations that will help you when you’re in a mess. They all offer independent advice and will sometimes assist you in improving your situation.

The CAB helps people with a variety of problems. They advise on employment law and legal issues as well. They have local offices all over the country and provide free face-to-face advice to anyone that needs it.

The CAS is Scotland’s largest independent advice network. If you need help with your debts, you can call them between 9 am and 8 pm to speak to an advisor.

This registered charity provides free advice online or over the phone. They are open from 8 am to 8 pm, and your conversation with them is confidential. They cover England, Scotland, and Wales.

You can contact the Royal British Legion benefits and money advice helpline on 0203 207 2153. They will direct you to a local advisor that will be able to help you.

The Money Advice Service provides free and impartial advice and guides to help improve your finances. They provide support online and over the phone, as well as tools and calculators to help you plan ahead. Set up by Government, you can contact them through their website or by phone on 0300 500 5000.

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