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Payday UK is a registered trading name Payday Loans Ltd who is an introducer appointed representative of Flux Funding Limited, who are a credit broker, not a lender. PaydayUK provides access to a loan matching service. This site will submit the information you provide to Flux Funding's panel of lenders. All applications will be subject to credit checks and affordability assessments. If you accept a lender’s loan offer, they will perform a hard credit search. PaydayUK and Flux Funding will not perform a credit check, lenders will complete a soft search when assessing your eligibility for a loan.

Loans between £50 and £5000 over a 3-month to 36-month term.

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Loans with a Guarantor

If you have a low credit score or have no credit history, a guarantor loan online could enable you to apply for the amount of money you need, up to £5,000.

We are committed to helping all our customers find the best deal available in the shortest possible time. We know from experience that most applicants, whether for an unsecured or guarantor loan, need extra funds because of an emergency. The need for the extra cash can be triggered by an unexpected car or house repair bill, a medical or vet bill, or a family emergency.

A quick loan can offer an ideal solution to help your family keep their heads above water until you can get back on top of your finances. Short term loans are not a good solution to long-term financial difficulties. If you need help to control your finances, then you should look at one of the free debt advice services. They can help you regain control of your situation.

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£400 for Anthony in London
£1000 for Martin in Lincolnshire
£400 for Jessica in Huddersfield
£200 for Natalie in Lincolnshire
£350 for Danielle in Bradford
£200 for Carly in Manchester
£300 for Mark in Guildford
£200 for Bartosz in Yeovil
£1500 for Mary in Motherwell
£1000 for George in Bromley
£200 for Vincent in Southport
£200 for Michael in London
£300 for Anish in Essex
£300 for Michael in Stirlingshire
£200 for Jane in Culross
£500 for Stuart in Worthing
£1500 for Samuel in Harrogate
£250 for Louisa in Croydon
£300 for Hanif in Birmingham
£100 for Harley in Folkestone
£300 for Glen in Dereham
£500 for Chanelle in Bradford
£500 for Anna in Launceston
£400 for Louis in Folkestone
£1000 for Rashid in Manchester
£300 for Judy in Islington
£600 for Elizabeth in Lockerbie

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Guarantor Loans with no credit history

Having a low credit score or no credit history can make borrowing money difficult. A guarantor loan could help you access the credit you need.

Young people who have not yet built up a credit history could find a guarantor loan useful. Parents are often the go-to in such instances but friends or other relatives can be considered as a guarantor also. Those with past credit problems may also consider guarantor loans.

Our broker has designed the application process to provide our customers with access to their guarantor loan in the shortest possible time. You can complete everything online, you can even use your smartphone or tablet, without the need for any additional forms, paperwork, or meetings.

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More questions? We've got you covered

A guarantor loan is used when a direct lender wants some extra security for the money they are loaning to the applicant. If the person applying for the loan has bad credit or a lack of financial history, a lender might ask for a guarantor that has good credit as a safety net. A lot of young people who are borrowing money for the first time use a guarantor loan. It allows them to start building their credit history.

In theory yes, anybody can be a guarantor as long as they meet the lender’s criteria. Most people ask a family member or close friend to act as a guarantor for them. Your guarantor should be financially stable. People tend to ask someone close to them because our finances can be a sensitive topic, so it must be someone you trust and can talk to openly.

Every direct lender has its requirements and having a guarantor doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be able to borrow more money. Some lenders will request a guarantor regardless of the amount you borrow, while other direct lenders don’t accept guarantors, although you are more likely to be asked to provide a guarantor for a loan for a higher amount.

You must contact your lender as soon as you realise you are going to have difficulty making a payment. If you fail to pay and are unresponsive to the lender’s attempts to contact you, then the lender can go to the guarantor for the overdue money. However, excellent communication can help you avoid this. It’s typically much easier and cheaper to solve an issue with the help of your lender, as this shows them you are being honest and have a genuine desire to pay. If you fail to pay and ignore the lender, they may make presumptions that aren’t true.

The guarantor is only contacted as a last resort. Most lenders will give you a chance to correct the situation before they try to recover any funds from your guarantor.

No. There’s a wide variety of lenders that offer guarantor loans, but the requirements of lenders with different specialisms can vary quite a bit. All the direct lenders we work with are registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and will always be transparent about your loan. If you have any questions you can’t find the answer to, simply contact them to clarify the point.

Whether or not you have a guarantor is rarely the most significant factor that dictates the interest rate you’ll be charged on a guarantor loan. However, having a guarantor with a good credit history does reduce the risk to the lender, which can help to reduce the interest rate. A loans APR rate is generally set depending on your circumstances. Most lenders only ask for a guarantor to help you secure the loan when your risk profile falls within the relevant parameters.

There are many direct lenders on our brokers panel that specialise in providing loans to people with bad credit. Some will require a guarantor; others will be happy to grant you a loan without a guarantor. When you apply for a loan via Payday UK, you will be presented with the best offer available for you. It will tell you if a guarantor is required.

The application process for a guarantor loan can be completed online very quickly. Most applicants have the money in their account on the same day*. Payday UK and our brokers panel of direct lenders have worked hard to simplify and streamline the application process as much as possible. Once you’ve completed our online application, you’ll receive an instant decision, and if accepted, you’ll be shown a loan offer for the best loan available to you.

When you apply for a guarantor loan, it will not affect your credit report. This is because Payday UK broker’s lenders initially only perform a soft credit check. This gives enough information to see which lenders can offer you a loan. After you have accepted a loan offer, the direct lender is required by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to perform a full credit check before releasing any funds.

A direct lender only performs a full credit check if you accept the loan offer, so you’ll already know you meet all the criteria for the guarantor loan. If you make all the repayments as agreed the guarantor loan will improve your credit score. However, if you default on the loan or fail to stick to the repayment schedule, and don’t make contact with the lender to resolve the issue, it could harm your credit rating.